Fictional Character
"Secret Names"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Tribe in Eestexas
Relatives: Hozay (brother)

Neena was a young woman in a tribe of hunter-gathers in Eestexas and her parents were close kin of its chief, Ralf. She had a younger brother Hozay. Her hair was long and auburn colored and she had a softly curved figure.

Madyu, the tribe's shaman, was attracted to her but did not take the initiative. They were of the same tribe and while it was not unlawful, strong custom discouraged such pairings since the shaman would know the woman's secret name and could use it in a love spell. Shaman sought mates from other tribes at fairs where several tribes would meet. This Madyu had resolved to do several times but had not.

After Jorj Rainbowstar's successful hunt for ducks, Neena was one of the women who plucked the ducks setting the feathers to one side for use as arrow fletching, ornaments and so on. Madyu casually approached her and asked her for one green feather from a mallard's head. Sparks flew when their fingers brushed and she gave him a friendly smile.

A few days later, Jorj led another hunting party which had unprecedented success. They returned with many turkeys and deer and Jorj declared that the hunting magic performed by Madyu was the best since the Old Time. Neena joined in the cheers and then threw herself into Madyu's arms kissing him. He kissed her back and then whispered to her asking if she would come to his tent that night.

She replied "Of course" and then asked why he didn't invite her sooner. Madyu stumbled for an answer then replied that he knew her secret name. She replied "So what" and then asked if he had cast a spell on her like he had on the deer and turkeys. He vehemently denied it and that settled things as far as Neena was concerned.