Nathan Hairston
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. 1763
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Sailor,
Military Police
Military Branch: Royal North American Navy

Commander Nathan Hairston was the head of the Royal North American Navy Security Detachment on the Queen Charlotte Islands. He was a big, bluff man with muttonchop whiskers and a walrus moustache.

Colonel Thomas Bushell of the Royal American Mounted Police, along with Lieutenant-Colonel Felix Crooke and Captain Samuel Stanley, met with Hairston in regards to the theft of The Two Georges. He was astonished to learn of the smuggling of Russian made rifles through the QCIs. His previous experiences with smugglers were those of Russian vodka.

To assist the RAMs in arresting the suspected Sons of Liberty in Buckley Bay, Commander Hairston offered several squads of Royal Marines. Since there were no roads to Buckley Bay, he also suggested that they and the marines drive up to Port Clements on the east side of Masset Inlet and then take a patrol boat west across the inlet. Bushell suggested that they not sail directly to Buckley Bay since it might alert the villains. Hairston agreed and recommended they sail five miles north of the town and then hike south.

Hairston also provided Bushell and Stanley with Lee-Enfields (Crooke electing to use his more familiar revolver) and outfitted Crooke with Marine fatigues as he did not have a set of clothing appropriate for a wilderness march.

After the shoot-out with the Sons in Buckley Bay, Bushell was eager to set out immediately to The Six Nations in pursuit of leads he had discovered. However, with six men dead from gunfire, Commander Hairston refused to allow him to leave the Islands until he had given a formal statement. Reluctantly, Bushell agreed that Hairston was correct but begrudged the time it took.