Historical Figure
Nationality: Armenian citizen of the Byzantine Empire
Date of Birth: 478
Date of Death: 573
Cause of Death: Disputed
Religion: Christianity
Occupation: Soldier, palace servant
Fictional Appearances:
Fantasy set in OTL(?)
Type of Appearance: Posthumous references

Narses (Armenian: Նարսես; Greek: Ναρσής; 478–573, dates estimated) was, with Belisarius, one of the great generals in the service of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I during the reconquest of Italy. He spent most of his life as an important eunuch in the palace of the emperors in Constantinople.

Narses in Thessalonica[]

Narses was remembered fondly by a soldier named Rufus who had served on his staff. Rufus' admiration for Narses knew no bounds. Among other things, Rufus observed that, in contrast to the typical commander who was all balls and no brains, Narses had very great brains and literally no balls.