The Duchy of Namdalen was formerly the Videssian island province of Kalavria, which unlike many of the other Videssian successor states, was not invaded during the Khamorth invasion, but fell centuries later to Halogai pirates sometime after reign of Avtokrator Krispos. Additionally, Namdalen also included another island just east of Opsikion and half of a peninsula on the mainland that was once the territory of Thatagush.

Namdalen is unique for its belief in Phos' Wager, the view that the outcome to the final struggle between Phos and Skotos cannot be known, but everyone ought to choose Phos in any event and bet on the good succeeding. To the end of the Phos' Creed they add: "On this we stake our very souls." It is hinted that this view originated centuries earlier, by gambling Kalaviran merchants based on a remark made by Videssian nobleman Iakovitzes that they would even gamble on whether or not Phos would triumph over Skotos.

Namdaleni are expert sailors and are also often hired as mercenaries by Videssos, despite the well known desire Namdalen has for acquiring Videssos. Namdaleni cavalry wear heavy armor and mount heavy charges. They are described as a blend of Haloga and Videssian (Greco-Roman) in their physical appearance.

Cities and towns in Namdalen include Metepont, formerly Kastavala the capital of Kalavria, Sotevag and Nustad on the mainland.

Literary Note[]

Namdalen is based upon Sicily; analogies can be drawn between the Haloga-descended rulers of that island and the Norman dynasties that conquered much of southern Italy in the 11th century AD.