Musa I
Historical Figure
Nationality: Empire of Mali
Date of Birth: c. 1280
Date of Death: c. 1337
Cause of Death: Unknown
Religion: Islam
Occupation: Monarch
House: Keita
Political Office(s): Sultan of Mali
Fictional Appearances:
Shared Universe Story
"Two Thieves"
Type of Appearance: Direct (as "Musa ar-Rahman")
Nationality: Bornu
Cause of Death: Blow to the head

Musa I (c. 1280-c. 1337) was the tenth ruler of the Mali Empire, reigning from 1312 until his death. He is remembered for his substantial personal wealth, his improvements to the infrastructure of Mali, and for his pilgrimage to Mecca. He did much to foster Islam in his empire.

The circumstances of his death are the source of debate.

Musa in "Two Thieves"

Like everyone who lived and died on Earth, Musa ar-Rahman was resurrected on Riverworld in a healthy 25-year old body. He ruled the city-state Bornu, which was down-River from New Constantinople and up-River from Shytown.[1] Musa's relationship with both neighbors was tense. After a period of time, Basileus Alexio Komnenos of New Constantinople entered into an alliance with Mayor Richard J. Daley of Shytown,[2] and launched a coordinated attack on Bornu from either flank. Musa was killed, (and presumably resurrected somewhere else along the River) and Bornu was divided between the victors.[3]

Literary Comment

While the name Musa ar-Rahman was shared by several historical figures, the character in the story appears to be Musa I.


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Royal offices
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Abubakari II
Mansa of the Mali Empire
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