Fictional Character
"Natural Selection"
by Laura Frankos

Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct narrator
Species: Hripirt
Occupation: Diplomat, clothing magnate
Relatives: Unnamed literature scholar (cousin)
Professional affiliations: Hripirt Selection Center;
Earth Socks

Mullnor was an agent of the Hripirt Selection Center. His job was to select which elite number of humans from Earth would be allowed to visit Hripirt. Mullnor was stationed in the Los Angeles area. Mullnor met with fellow screeners Bingokk and Delip at the Drones Club.[1]

To better understand Terrans, Mullnor spent time with various candidate groups. He immediately eliminated the San Fernando Valley Rowdy Riotous Raider Nation as being too irrational.[2] Next he spent time with science fiction writers. While they had high marks for cunning, avarice, and duplicity, they were too individualistic. Mullnor did learn about the short work, "To Serve Man"; his colleagues thought the idea disgusting.[3] Finally, Mullnor joined a group of birdwatchers. He singled out four for special attention: Joe, the group leader; Spencer, the most talented artist; Mort, who was actually not very good at birding, but attempted to purchase a device from Mullnor that located all birds in an area, and; Agnes, an elderly woman who also knitted. Consistent with Hripirt values, Mullnor selected Agnes, as she could knit socks quickly. Mullnor saw the value of the socks, and immediately formed a company with Agnes called Earth Socks.[4]

Mullnor's instincts were correct: when he first entered the Drone Club, he was wearing a pair of socks on his foretabs. After Bingokk inquired about them, Mullnor told everyone present what they were.[5] During his meal with Bingokk and Delip, and young server approached Mullnor about the socks. He sold them to her, much to her delight.[6] When Mullnor told Bingokk and Delip about Earth Socks, Bingokk quickly left the Drones Club. Mullnor surmised Bingokk was going to see if any of his candidates knitted.[7]


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