Einar Haruldsoun
Fictional Character
by Laura Frankos
"The Njuggle"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Scotland
Date of Birth: 19th Century
Occupation: Fisherman
Parents: Olav Larsen (father)
Spouse: Einar Haruldsoun (husband)
Children: Rasmus (son), unnamed deceased sons
Relatives: Magnus, Donald and Johnnie (nephews)

The daughter of fisherman Olav Larsen married Einar Haruldsoun, another fisherman. They and their sons continued the family tradition of fishing. In 1875, a storm claimed the lives of the elder Haruldsoun boys and nearly killed Olav. While Olav recuperated, the remaining Haruldsoun boy, Rasmus, joined his father and cousins on the fishing boat. Even after Olav was well enough to fish again, the loss of her sons brought tears to his daughter's eyes.[1]

It was a good season. In mid-July, in the face of a gathering storm, Einar ended the fishing trip early and ordered them to row back. The effort took much out of Olav. Hearing the old man cough, Rasmus' mother sent him to his Aunt Sinnie for cough liquor. Magnus joined him. On the next fishing trip, Magnus and Rasmus told Olav, Einar, and the other family members that they also had an encounter with the Njuggle, and were able to kill it with the help of the charm Olav gave Rasmus.[2]


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