Morton Green
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: c. 1965
Occupation: Marine
Military Branch: Royal Marines

Lieutenant Morton Green commanded a platoon of Royal Marines on the Queen Charlotte Islands. He was about 30 years old, of medium height with a tough and intelligent demeanour.

Green, and two squads from his platoon, were assigned by Cmdr. Nathan Hairston to assist Colonel Thomas Bushell in his investigation of the theft of The Two Georges. He and his Marines accompanied Bushell to Buckley Bay to assist in the capture of four suspected Sons of Liberty.

On arriving on shore five miles north of Buckley Bay, Bushell put Green in charge of getting the party to the town. Green ordered the men into the forest so they could march south to the town unobserved. When they reached the clearing surrounding Buckley Bay, Green suggested that they send one squad around the town to the south side to prevent escape in that direction. Bushell agreed and Green sent Sgt. Fuller and Cpl. Wainwright with the squad south.

Fifteen minutes later Green observed half the squad sprint from the woods and find cover in the outskirts of the town. The other half followed immediately after. Green ordered his own squad to do the same. He and Corp. Johnston alternated so that only half the squad was moving at any time and the other half could give supporting fire if needed. Before they could reach the abandoned grocer's shop with smoking coming from the chimney, a voice rang out in challenge.

Lt. Col. Felix Crooke broke cover, stood and replied that they were police and demanded that the occupants surrender. Rifle fire broke out and Crooke was killed instantly. Green and his squad immediately returned fire. When Fuller requested covering fire, Green ordered it and Fuller began a flanking action which forced the Sons out of the abandoned grocer's shop they had made into their residence. Shortly the two squads succeeded in killing two Sons and capturing a third. The fourth Son had been killed by Bushell and Capt. Samuel Stanley.

After the firefight, Green had his four wounded Marines given first aid and two man teams search the other buildings to ensure there were no other unexpected Sons visiting. He also had the bodies and prisoner searched and turned their effects over to Bushell. One item was an important clue, a letter from The Six Nations.