The Montague Airport, also known as Yreka Rohrer Field, and informally as Montague-Yreka Airport, is located on the west side of Montague, California. It is owned by the City of Montague. Created at its present location in 1928, the airport was designated during World War II as Montague Air Force Auxiliary Field, but returned to civilian control in 1945.

Montague-Yreka Airport in State of JeffersonEdit

Charles Earl Lewis International Airport, named for Charlie "Bigfoot" Lewis, the state's second governor, was the most important airport in Jefferson. It was located in Montague, approximately six miles from Yreka, the state capital.

In February 1981, the airport was decked in yellow ribbons for the homecoming of local native son Mark Gordon, who had been in captivity in Iran.[1]


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