Monogamy is the biological and social practice among sexually-reproducing species in which a single male and a single female enter into a permanent, exclusive sexual arrangement. They often invest care in the offspring resulting from their sexual congress.

Monogamy in Every Inch a King[]

The Two Prophets prescribed monogamy as the law for their followers, in light of the fact that both Eliphalet and Zebulun were monogamists, as was the husband of the Goddess. The Quadrate God did not insist on monogamy, and many of his wealthy and powerful followers kept large harems.

Monogamy in Worldwar[]

Monogamy is common (though often imperfectly observed) by Tosevites and other higher animals native to Tosev 3. Among the Race, the Rabotevs, the Hallessi, and the animals native to the planets of all three, however, it is unheard of; all of these species practice polygamy. This is because these species are sexually inactive at all times but their mating seasons, at which point sexual congress is undertaken with extremely casual attitudes. When hatchling result from these matings, little or no parental care is invested in them. (Unlike human children, they emerge from their shells wth their motor skills and survival instincts fully developed.)

The Race first encountered monogamy when it was observed among Tosevite prisoners of the Conquest Fleet in China. After their confusion was clarified, their initial response to the practice was disgust and horror. They considered it the height of sexual perversion.

However, when the Colonization Fleet arrived and introduced females to the Race's territory on the planet, and it was found that the drug ginger caused females to become fertile and emit sexual pheromones whenever it was tasted, many ginger-addicted male and female friends frequently mated and developed emotional attachment. These couples began practicing monogamy; one female wrote an enthusiastic defense of the practice in the controversial book One Life, One Mate.

The Race attempted to exile these sexual deviants, usually to the United States. However, by the early 21st century, it was recognized that the practice had become so widespread among their colonists that exile was no longer an option, much to the horror and shock to those of the Race who were not affected, and unfamiliar with the concept.