Monique Dutourd
Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): Second Contact;
Down to Earth;
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Human
Nationality: France
Date of Birth: 1929
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: History professor, briefly a shop clerk
Relatives: Pierre (brother)

Monique Dutourd (b. 1929) was a professor of Roman history. She was born and raised in Marseille, France. When she was 11, Germany invaded France, and attached Marseille to the puppet government centered in Vichy. When the Race invaded Earth in 1942, Vichy France was effectively occupied by the Lizards, until the Peace of Cairo returned the whole of France to German control. Thus, Monique grew up as a subject of the Greater German Reich.

When the Race's Colonization Fleet arrived, Monique was teaching Roman history in the University of Marseille. She was contacted by a SS officer named Dieter Kuhn, who wanted to contact her brother Pierre Dutourd, a notorious ginger smuggler, through her. Kuhn also used his influence as an SS officer to force Monique Dutourd to become his mistress. When she decided that she could not stand the German any longer, she was able to go into hiding with the help of her brother, though in the process she had to give up her university position.

She was still in hiding with her brother when the war between the Race and Germany began. She and her brother survived the Race's explosive-metal bomb attack on Marseille, but the aftermath was very difficult, as food was scarce and the Reichsmark was badly weakened. After the war, in the reconstituted Fourth French Republic, she was brought in for questioning by the government because of her previous sexual relationship with Kuhn. Joseph Darnand, Minister of Purification, was her highest ranking accuser. Her brother Pierre used his influence with the Race to secure her release.

Later Rance Auerbach was able to get her a position at a university in Tours, as the University of Marseille had been destroyed by the explosive-metal bomb. This had the consequence of making Penny Summers, Auerbach's lover, jealous of Monique. Auerbach blackmailed Felless, a psychologist with a connection to a ginger-smuggler, so that Felless would help Dutourd get a job.

Due to the involvement of Felless, Senior Researcher Ttomalss, who wanted to meet a Tosevite historian, knew who to meet in order to learn about the Roman Empire, a period history which he thought might resemble the Race's government. Felless arranged the meeting of him and Monique Dutourd.

Monique was thankful for Ttomalss' offer, but feared that Roman history might give the Race ideas on how to better control Tosevites, a fear which she shared with Rance Auerbach.

Monique was interested in the cult of Isis that existed in southern Gaul during Roman times. In 1962, she planned to write an unconventional thesis on this cult, which would challenge the preconceptions of those who even cared about this obscure period of history. What with the SS' attentions, the war, and her job with Ttomalss, this paper remained unwritten in 1966.