Mollie Bean
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States (Confederate States, 1861-65)
Date of Birth: 19th century
Date of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: Confederate

States Army

Fictional Appearances:
The Guns of the South
POD: January 17, 1864
Nationality: Confederate States
Occupation: Soldier, Prostitute
Spouse: Nate Caudell
Military Branch: Confederate States Army
(Second American Revolution)

Mollie Bean was a North Carolina woman who, pretending to be a man, joined the 47th North Carolina, a unit of the Confederate States Army in the American Civil War. She was wounded twice, and, given the regiment's history, may have served at the Battle of Gettysburg. She was captured in February 1865, and subsequently imprisoned as a spy. The press of the day insinuated that her comrades had to know her gender, and that she probably engaged in sexual intercourse with several.

Mollie Bean in The Guns of the South[]

Mollie Bean was a North Carolina prostitute who joined the Confederate Army as a career opportunity. As Melvin Bean, she served the 47th North Carolina ably during the Second American Revolution and was wounded at Gettysburg. After the war, she returned to Rivington, her home town. She was able to experience firsthand the technological marvels of the Rivington Men, such as electric lights and air-conditioning. In 1868, she stole a book called The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War from Benny Lang, which triggered the chain of events leading to the Richmond Massacre on March 4, 1868, and the final battle against the Rivington Men soon after. After the battle of Rivington, she married Nate Caudell and relocated with him to Nashville in North Carolina.

Literary Comment[]

In his afterword, Harry Turtledove acknowledged that he was not able to find Bean's company.[1] He also admits that her career as a prostitute is fictional.