Fictional Character
Agent of Byzantium
POD: c. AD 597
Appearance(s): "Pillar of Cloud, Pillar of Fire"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Egyptian citizen of the Roman Empire
Date of Birth: c. 1254
Occupation: Stonecutter
Parents: Seias (father)
Affiliations: Stonecutter's guild of Alexandria

Miysis (b. ca. 1254) was a leader of the guild of stonecutters in Alexandria, Egypt. He and his fellows had exercised the Egyptian practice of anakhoresis and had withdrawn their work on reconstructing the Lighthouse of Alexandria because it was too dangerous.

He and Khesphmois of the carpenters and Hergeus of the concrete spreaders attended a meeting with Mouamet Dekanos, the deputy of the Augustal prefect and Basil Argyros, a magistrianos of the Roman Empire to try to resolve this dispute. While the other two felt that enough silver would compensate their comrades for the danger of working on the pharos, Miysis disagreed. He indicated that no sum would be enough since money is of no use for a dead man. He also said that his lads had plenty of safer work to do. He then left the meeting.