This article lists the various minor fictional human characters who appear in Homeward Bound, the epilogue novel of the Worldwar franchise. These characters are identified by name, but play at best a peripheral role in the series. Most were simply mentioned or had a very brief, unimportant speaking role that did not impact the plot, and never appeared again.


Donna (b. after 1984) was a woman from Cincinnati who was traveling on the Moon. She had a one-night stand with veteran astronaut Glen Johnson, an encounter which convinced him to settle there.[1]

Colonel GoldschmidtEdit

Colonel Goldschmidt was given the task of informing Sam Yeager that Yeager could neither contact any of the Race or travel to Race-held territories upon Yeager's return to Earth in the 21st Century. Goldschmidt informed Yeager that the United States government was concerned that Yeager could expose state secrets such as Faster Than Light technology. This was based on Yeager's decision to tell the Race of America's responsibility for the destruction of some of the Colonization Fleet in 1962, which in turn led to the destruction of Indianapolis.

Yeager flat out told Goldschmidt that he would continue to contact Lizard-Americans.[2]

Jerry KleinfeldtEdit

Dr. Jerry Kleinfeldt (b. c. 1942) examined Sam Yeager in 1977, and pronounced him fit to enter cold sleep.[3]

Lacey NagelEdit

Lacey Nagel was Mickey's literary agent. She helped Jonathan, Karen Yeager, and Sam Yeager find a publisher for their memoirs following their return to Earth. She called and informed Sam that she made a deal with Random House to publish his memoir, much to Sam's surprise. She said the company was excited about his autobiography.[4]

Joyce PetermanEdit

Joyce Peterman served as President of the United States in the 21st Century. Communiques she'd dispatched while in office reached the Admiral Peary when it first arrived at Home. Given the 11-year lag of these communiques, the crew of the Admiral Peary assumed that her term had expired by then, barring some drastic political change in the US.[5]

Political offices
Preceded by
Last known is
Harold Stassen
President of the United States
(estimated dates)
Succeeded by


Rita was the assistant of Donald on You'd Better Believe It. Her beauty, showcased in a bare-breasted gown, attracted male humans who otherwise would have no desire to watch the deranged, violent game show. Lovely Rita's tits became proverbial in pop culture. On screen, Donald put up a pretense of being interested in them, even though they held no sexual appeal for a Lizard.

Katherine WiedemannEdit

Lieutenant Colonel Katherine Wiedemann was one of the officers of the Tom Edison who gave a presentation that commemorated the crew of the Admiral Peary and addressed anything to help the crew adjust to physical complications, specifically being restricted to long term weightlessness. Wiedemann gave the crew the choice of remaining aboard the Admiral Peary or returning to the Sol System in the Tom Edison, where they would either remain in U.S. space stations for the rest of their lives or settle on the Moon, in Moon Base Alpha or Moon Base Beta.


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