This article lists the various minor fictional characters who appear in the entries which Harry Turtledove contributed to the multi-author War World Series. These characters play, at best, a peripheral role in the series. While they were usually given a name, some weren't. Most were simply mentioned or had a very brief, unimportant speaking role that did not impact the plot, and never appeared again.

"Hang Together"[]

Suleiman Bektashi[]

Suleiman Bektashi was the head of the Aydin Clan, a Tatar tribe on Haven. When the tribe desired a suitable living-space for its women to give birth, Bektashi sent an army commanded by his son Isa to take the Tallinn Valley by force. The attempt failed.


Eugen (d. ca. 2095) was an Estonian colonist in Haven's Tallinn Valley. During the settlers' first stand against the Aydin Clan Tatars, Eugen was posted to sentry duty. He had just enough time to shout "Help! They're--" on his radio before he was killed by the invaders. Eugen left behind three small children.[1]

Suslov brothers[]

Boris and Gleb Suslov were Russian nationalists, deported to Planet Haven for sedition in the early 2090s. Settling in the Tallinn Valley, the brothers resented the presence of the original Estonian colonists, whom they saw as inferior people. They chose one day to pick a fight with Konstantin Laidoner as they all were on their way to daily agricultural chores. Gleb grabbed Laidoner and pinned him to the ground, while Boris prepared to bludgeon him with a hoe. Laidoner's father-in-law and boss Anton Päts got the jump on Boris and held a knife to his throat, forcing Gleb to let Laidoner go.[2] Iosef Mladenov, unofficial head of Tallinn Town's Russian community, said he would give the brothers a stern talking-to, to prevent their scuffles from turning into all-out war.[3]

Nikita Tukachevsky[]

Nikita Tukachevsky (d. ca. 2095) was a Russian colonist in Haven's Tallinn Valley. Posted to sentry duty against the Aydin Clan Tatars' invasion, Tukachevsky was ambushed and killed. Anton Päts and other militiamen found Tukachevsky with his severed penis stuffed into his mouth, and Arabic writing carved into his forehead.[4]

Jaak Vilde[]

Jaak Vilde was an Estonian shoemaker in Tallinn Town, Haven.[5] When the Estonians and Russians of Tallinn Valley came to an agreement to fight together against the Aydin Clan Tatars, Vilde spoke for his delegation.[6]


Yevgeny was the de facto butler and bodyguard of Iosef Trofimovich Mladenov. He admitted Anton Päts to Mladenov's presence when the Estonian came to complain of conflicts with Russian ruffians, and then accompanied Mladenov to meet the Aydin Clan Tatar delegation and make a show of force.[7]


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