Minervans are a sentient animal species native to the planet Minerva. Like most Minervan species, they are radially symmetric, with their cylindrical bodies divided into sixths, each sixth having an arm, a leg, and an eyestalk which can be turned freely. At the top of their bodies is the mouth. Each side of a Minervan can equally be considered a front and, unless a Minervan has turned all six eyestalks in a given direction--which is done only when they have been confronted with something very exciting--they have no "back." Minervans are green, but their colors can change to show emotion, such as yellow for anger or blue for fear.

Minervan society is feudalistic in nature, though among the Skarmer capitalism had begun to emerge by the 1980s. Minervan domains were ruled by an absolute monarch called a domain-master, who ruled by right of primogeniture, and every male in his domain was related to him in some fashion or other. The concept of the great clan is an important one in Minervan politics.

As with all species on Minerva, Minervans are divided along gender lines into a male-dominated society, with mates serving only as reproductive partners. Since mates do not naturally survive the budding process, they are too short-lived to participate in society any other way.

Minervans are comfortable around the freezing point of water. They are skilled at making tools, weapons, and even buildings from ice, which they greatly prefer to wood or stone because it is lighter. They also prefer using solid ice or snow to keep hydrated; liquid water causes indigestion for them.

Minervans use a base-eighteen counting system.