This article is about the fictitious planet, analogous to Mars, in the novel A World of Difference. For the mythological goddess Minerva, see Athena.

Minerva is the fourth planet in the solar system. Called Athena by the Ancient Greeks after their goddess of wisdom and martial arts, it was renamed Minerva by the Latins for their equivalent goddess.[1] Temperatures on Minerva exceed the freezing point of water, but not by much and only in summer in equatorial regions. The planet is home to a sentient species of being known as Minervans, as was determined by the American space probe Viking. In 1989, both the United States and the Soviet Union sent manned space missions to visit the planet and make contact with the natives.

Minervan moons[]

Minerva is orbited by three moons - Sophia, Parthenia, and Arachne.[2]

Geographical features on Minerva[]

Smaug and Ancalagon[3] are two volcanoes on Minerva.[4]

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