Fictional Character
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Iveria
Occupation: Seneschal, soldier
Spouse: Unnamed wife

Milo was the seneschal to Lord Rupen of Iveria. Rupen tasked Milo with learning how Coradin Honeymouth was able to ride his unicorn without becoming overwhelmed by sexual arousal. Milo found the task distasteful, as he disapproved of the coarse Coradin's foul mouth and penchant for wenching. In fact, Milo first met Coradin in the Jadeflower brothel. Milo was uncomfortable in the establishment, as he was a married man. When he finally spoke to Coradin, he immediately asked the question Rupen wanted answered. Coardin taunted Milo, claiming he was still a virgin.

Despite the offer of large sums of money, Coradin refused to give a straight answer. Rupen nonetheless decided to hire Coradin, lest Rupen's rival Gui did first. Rupen was planning to move against Gui in an effort to take a disputed valley. Gui attacked first. Milo, Coradin, and Rupen's forces met Gui's men on the field of battle. Coradin was knocked from his unicorn in the battle. Milo, despite his dislike for the mercenary, rode to his rescue.

That night, Milo learned Coradin's secret. Coradin was indeed a virgin, preferring cunnilingus to intercourse. This was the true source of his nickname. Milo gloated about his knowledge the next day.