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Milan (Milano) is one of the largest cities in Italy, located in the plains of Lombardy, and is one of the most highly developed urban centers in Europe. Founded by Gauls around 600 BC, the city was conquered by the Roman Republic in 222 BC and known as Mediolanum. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance, Milan was a powerful militaristic city-state ruled by dukes.

Milan in The Gladiator[]

Crosstime Traffic established a gaming shop called The Gladiator in the Milan of an alternate where the Soviet Union won the Cold War. Crosstime Traffic had hoped that with stores like The Gladiator, it could quietly introduce capitalist ideas and gradually push for a counterrevolution in that alternate. One of the most popular games the store sold was Rails across Europe, which soon proved so popular that The Gladiator hosted several tournaments for its customers. However, the Security Police of the Italian People's Republic learned of the store's purpose (but not its origins), and shut the store down.[1]

Hoxha Polytechnic students Gianfranco Mazzilli and Annarita Crosetti harbored Eduardo Caruso, a clerk with the shop who'd been left behind when Crosstime Traffic pulled out.[2]

Like many places in the world, Milan was home to many communal apartment blocks, which were known for their cheap and simple construction. People mockingly called them "Stalin Gothic".[3]

Milan in The Hot War[]

Milan was targeted for invasion by the Soviet Union early in World War III,[4] finally falling to the Fifth Guards Tank Army on 30 April 1951.[5]

Milan in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

Milan football fans rioted in 2010 after a German team from Leipzig won a football match when the home team's goal was blocked on an offside call. The German Federation of Sport reacted by demanding an apology from their Italian counterparts and withdrew from competition with teams from the Italian Empire until the issue was resolved.[6]

Milan in Through Darkest Europe[]

Milan was a major battlefront during the Aquinist uprising of AD 2018. The commander of Grand Ducal forces, Benito Dallolio, was gunned down by a trusted soldier from his own command, showing how deeply the Aquinists had infiltrated the nation.[7]

Milan in Videssos[]

Mediolanum was Marcus Aemilius Scaurus' hometown. Scaurus presided over civil law cases and other municipal matters there as an elected praetor. He chose to gain military experience by joining Julius Caesar's campaign in Gaul, thus departing Mediolanum for the battlefield.


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