Generally agreed upon boundaries of the Middle East

The Middle East is a historical and cultural region of Africa-Asia with no clear definition; it traditionally includes countries or regions in Southwest Asia and parts of North Africa. Most Middle Eastern nations are Islamic.

The Middle East in In the Presence of Mine Enemies[]

The Middle East was divided up between the Greater German Reich and its ally, the Italian Empire after World War II. Prior to that, the Middle East had been under the rule of the vanquished Britain and France.

Nazi policy defined the Semitic Arabs as untermenschen, and so most of the Arab population of the region was exterminated. The remainder were enslaved to work on petroleum facilities and plantations.

The population of Iran was deemed Aryan, and so allowed the rights and privileges of citizenship.

The Middle East in "Ready for the Fatherland"[]

By 1979, a three-way cold war existed among the Anglo-American world, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union. The Middle East fell into the Soviet sphere of influence, giving the Soviets access to the region's oil. The British chose to ally, temporarily at least, with the Germans who controlled access to the North Sea oil wells, rather than challenge the Soviet hold on Turkey, Iraq, and Persia.

The Middle East in Southern Victory[]

The Middle East was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Parts of the region, particularly the Arab-dominated ones, were restive, and rebellions took place during both the Great War and the Second Great War. However, Palestine, the province which contained Jerusalem, was considered a sleepy backwater.

The Middle East in Worldwar[]

The Middle East was one of the few areas not to fall to the Race when they landed in June 1942. Held mainly by the combined efforts of the British 8th Army and the Army of India, fighting the Race in Western India. In 1944, the Race launched an offensive there with the help of Jewish Rebels, driving the British out, and claiming the whole of the Middle East for themselves. Later that year, the region was recognized as Race territory under the terms of the Peace of Cairo.

The Race administered its colonized parts of the planet from Cairo. The area was quite restive, as the strongly Muslim population regularly fought against the Race. Violence intensified when the Race mandated Emperor-worship.