Michigan is the 26th state of the United States on the upper midwest bordering four of the Great Lakes (Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Superior and the one it's named after). The state is bordered by Ohio and Indiana to the south, Wisconsin to the southwest, and the Canadian providence of Ontario to the east. Lansing is the capital and Detroit is the largest city.

Michigan in "Election Day"[]

Michigan was one the states that Democratic strategists referred to as "the Blue Wall". During the 2016 United States Presidential Election, Michigan became vital to Senator John F. Kennedy Jr.'s bid for the presidency.[1] While Republican Donald Trump briefly maintained a lead early in the evening, the state finally went to Kennedy.[2]

Michigan in The Guns of the South[]

Michigan remained part of the Union during the Second American Revolution.

During the 1864 presidential election, it was one of 12 states carried by incumbent Republican President Abraham Lincoln during his unsuccessful reelection campaign.[3] The state had eight electoral votes during the election.

Michigan in Southern Victory[]

At the start of the Great War, the U.S. attempted to invade Canada on several places on the border, including from Michigan into Ontario. The offensive stalled at London.[4]

The city of Pontiac, Michigan was the center of the U.S. automobile industry. During the Second Great War, Pontiac also became a major production center for barrels.

The 34th President, Thomas Dewey, was born in Owosso, Michigan in 1902.

Michigan in The Two Georges[]

Wilberforce was a province of the North American Union, named for William Wilberforce, a British parliamentarian who helped end slavery. Thomas Bushell and Samuel Stanley rode the Twentieth Century Limited railway across the province's Huron Peninsula en route from Astoria, Illinois to Doshoweh in The Six Nations.[5]

Literary comment[]

Wilberforce only includes the southern portion of Michigan. The Upper Peninsula is part of New Guernsey in the Georges' timeline, along with OTL Wisconsin and Minnesota east of the Mississippi River. These names are given only on the frontispiece map; in the novel, the province remains unnamed.


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