Michael Shaughnessy
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. 1763
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: c. 1965
Occupation: Reporter
Professional Affiliation: Common Sense

Michael Shaughnessy was a reporter for Common Sense. He and his partner Jerry Doyle approached Thomas Bushell at the Ribblesdale House in Charleroi, for the purpose of asking infuriating questions. Bushell said that Shaughnessy was a bald eagle, referring to both the Independence Party's insignia and Shaughnessy's own receding hairline. Shaughnessy taunted Captain Samuel Stanley with a racialist slur as "Sam the spade". Stanley refused to respond.[1] Doyle and Shaughnessy later encountered Bushell at other locales in Charleroi, with no better results.[2] They also had an encounter in Boston, Common Sense's home town.[3]

Shaughnessy alone met Bushell just before the hunt for Joseph Kilbride came to its explosive end. Shaughnessy expressed the poetic view that Bonaparte's dragoons knew only how to do a tyrant's bidding, but Bushell should have known better. Bushell pointed out the irony of Shaughnessy's position. He used an alleged tyrant's laws to shield himself, but at the same time wished to overthrow that "tyrant."[4] Following the skirmish, Shaughnessy asked how it felt to be a murderer of innocents, to which Bushell replied that he didn't know because he'd never tried it.[5]


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