Fictional Character
"Designated Hitter"
Set in OTL
Occupation: Anthropologist, amateur softball player
Affiliations: Confederacy of Sentient Beings

Michael was a spectator at a Gators game when they were short a player. Rather than forfeit, Wes Humphreys, the pitcher / manager asked Michael to play. He hesitated then agreed.

Michael was a medium-dark, medium-heavy black man of around thirty. Making his appearance unusual was his flaming red hair in cornrows and a mustache and goatee that were even brighter. He spoke with a strange guttural accent.

Michael indicated he didn't play much softball and it showed during the workout. His fielding was awkward with him blocking grounders with his shins as often as he caught them. He threw from the elbow, girl-style and not very straight. His hitting was unusual. While weakly hit, the ball would land between players in such a way that neither would be able to get to it and throw it to base before Michael reached it. Or the ball would take an unexpected bounce either over a player or to one side or the other. Altogether, it looked like Michael would get on base most of the time.

In the game itself, Michael did get on base every time he was at bat. Wes invited him to join the team and he agreed. The following week, he showed up and played an equally effective if unorthodox game.

During the warm-up, prior to Michael's third game, he was tossing a softball back and forth with Ted Canter while next to them Dr Strangeglove and Pete Sadowski were doing the same. Suddenly Pete gave a yell and began bouncing up and down while swearing. He had been hit in the leg with a knuckleball and it smarted. When he had calmed down, Pete tossed the ball to Michael and told him to trade places with him since Strangeglove threw the way Michael hit.

Michael raised an eyebrow and said "Really?" in surprise. He agreed and was surprised again by the way the ball wobbled this way and that. He asked Strangeglove to throw the ball over and over and then asked him how he did it. Strangeglove grandly answered "mind over matter".

As the game began and the players crowded into the dugout, Michael told Strangeglove "Congratulations, I doubted your people could do such a thing." Strangeglove replied with a "huh?" but couldn't ask any further since Michael had to go out on deck. After the game, Michael went for beer and pizzas as usual, but after a quick beer, he left early and did not show up for subsequent games.

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