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  • Found a Alternate History Dot Com spec on what happened in the next several decades after Timeline-191.

    It looks pretty much okay in the end than anyone thought.

    • The United States doubled its size thanks to Dewey and later Truman, and it even got Alaska.
    • The US created a Western Hemisphere version of NATO.
    • Cassius Madison creates a memorial society for the black genocides and leading a manhunt on escaped racist ex-Confederates, who fled mostly to South Africa.
    • Russia finally had its revolution and more of a socialist/democratic state, and on very friendly relationship with the US.
    • Germany created its own version of the European Union, and unsurprisingly way ahead in the space race.
    • India is freed from the UK, but breaks up into several separate nations.
    • Much of the Third World formed a third power alliance.
    • A inevitable war with the Japanese Empire that was mainly led by a sociopathic son of the head researcher of Unit 731. The US easily win based on logistics with turbo aircraft and nukes on military strategic points, and combined with social discontent in the Home Islands that led to the death of the Emperor and the government overthrown by extreme syndicalist revolutionists.
    • Republicans finally rear its pride again in American politics.
    • Although there are still real-life border struggles between Asian nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma, China, and Tibet after Japan lose the war.
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    • Practically it is. The US already became a superpower nation and isn't afraid to make a western alliance to build a strong military and economy. And not to mention it becomes more open to ethnic diversity after what the Confederacy did in their home soil, and really don't want to see another psychopathic fanatic in which they did against Imperial Japan.

      One thing, Russia and Japan seen at the end of the series appear to become the major big bad in a possible future. However, it didn't turn out in this timeline as with any brutal dictatorship (or oligarchy in the Russia's case) it doesn't really last forever.

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    • You guys should see this contest I put up. The second half of this video talks about the contest. Ignore the first half.

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  • My reaffirmation for Turtledove's pervertedness is criticized from the people on Alternate History Dot Com. Simple words: " Mark Twain's sex scene." Who in the hell would anyone, ANYONE, imagine an old man having a shag!?! Was that for comedy or seriousness with his Timeline-191?

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    • The male libido gradually diminishes with age but it doesn't disappear altogether. Certainly not by age 46, which is how old Clemens was in 1881. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Granted, I didn't particularly need nor want the image put in my head, and it didn't serve the story. Too much gratuitous sex has always been a criticism of HT, particularly in the 90s. I would contend it's tapered off since then. So no, he's not still a pervert, if he ever was to begin with. Turtle Fan (talk) 06:57, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

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    • Still, but having a character based on real people makes me squemesh. It's like thinking about your parents doing what they're doing in the bed....UGH.

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