Fictional Character
"The Old Grind"
by Laura Frankos

Fantasy set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Giant
Nationality: Indigenous Orcadian, subject of Norway from 875
Religion: Norse Polytheism
Date of Birth: 680
Occupation: Miller
Spouse: Unnamed husband
Children: Fenia

Menia (b. 680) the giantess lived in the Orkney Islands, and ran a salt mill with her daughter Fenia in the early 10th century. In 910, Fenia declared that she was dissatisfied with salt-farming life, and wanted to take a year off, exploring the world. Menia, who at 230 was just coming to the doorstep of old age, hired the dwarves Alberich and Erka to take Fenia's place during this year. Soon afterward, Fenia's ex-boyfriend Cubbie Roo joined Menia and the dwarves on the farm.

When Fenia returned from adventuring in 911 with a newfound appreciation for home, Menia welcomed her gladly. As Fenia and Cubbie renewed their affection for each other, Menia saw grandchildren in the near future.


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