Historical Figure
Nationality: Rhodes
Date of Birth: 4th century BC
Date of Death: Unknown
Religion: Greek pantheon
Occupation: Trader, Sailor
Fictional Appearances:
Hellenic Traders
Set in OTL
Appearance(s): Over the Wine-Dark Sea
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Parents: Philodemos,
Baukis (stepmother)
Relatives: Lysistratos (uncle),
Timokrate (aunt),
Sostratos, Erinna (cousins)

Menedemos was a trader from Rhodes during the Fourth Century BC, who sailed the Mediterranean Sea during the Hellenistic Period of Ancient Greece. Little is actually known about him, including his birth and his death. Surviving documents of the era do reference him on occasion.

Menedemos in Hellenic Traders[]

Menedemos was a scion of a family of successful traders from the polis of Rhodes. He served as the captain aboard the family's ship, the Aphrodite. His cousin, the scholarly Sostratos, served as the ship's purser. Menedemos was rash and headstrong. While this attitude had secured him command of the Aphrodite, it also brought him trouble on occasion.

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