Menachem Begin
Historical Figure
Nationality: Israel (born in the Russian Empire, then citizen of Poland and resident of British Palestine)
Date of Birth: 1913
Date of Death: 1992
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Occupation: Author of Non-Fiction, Lawyer, Politician, Terrorist
Military Branch: Jewish Underground in Europe
(World War II),
the Irgun
Political Party: Likud
Political Office(s): Prime Minister of Israel
Fictional Appearances:
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): Striking the Balance
Type of Appearance: Direct
Occupation: Terrorist
Military Branch: Zionist underground
(Race Invasion of Tosev 3)
Menachem Wolfovich Begin (16 August 1913 – 9 March 1992) was an Israeli politician, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the first Likud Prime Minister of Israel.

Begin fought for Poland during World War II, before being captured by the Soviets and deported to British Palestine. He then became head of the Zionist underground group Irgun, which dissolved once the State of Israel was founded.

As prime minister, Begin signed a peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, for which he won the Nobel Prize for Peace together with Egyptian President Anwar Sadat.

Menachem Begin in Worldwar

Menachem Begin was a leader of Jews in Palestine. During the last days of war against the Race, Begin helped kidnap Moishe Russie and his family when they arrived in Palestine, believing Russie to be a British puppet.[1] While Begin initially supported the Race over the British,[2] during the time Begin held Russie captive, he soon came to realize that the Race couldn't be completely trusted, especially when it came to turning Palestine over to the Zionists.[3] He released Russie, resolving to deal with the Lizards as best as he could, and then make them miserable.[4]


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28 May 1980 – 5 August 1981
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