Fictional Character
"Les Mortes dArthur"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Unknown
Religion: Judaism
Date of Birth: 22nd century
Occupation: Terrorist
Affiliations: Second Irgun

Menachem was a spokesman for the Second Irgun. He was a slight, curly-haired man with a mustache too big for his face and fierce, ever-watchful eyes.

The day after three athletes were murdered on Mimas, a moon of Saturn, Menachem spoke with reporters outside his headquarters in Buenos Aires. He read a short statement "We applaud the blow against the Arabs who have stolen our homeland from us, but we did not strike it. That is all we have to say."

Menachem was immediately challenged by a reporter asking what proof he had for his denial. He glared and then indicated that if the Second Irgun had committed the act, they would have targeted Itzhak Zalman, the sole Jew on the Arab World team, and considered an apikoros or heretic to Israelis. He added that Zalman's time may yet come, either on Mimas or when he returned to Earth. He then turned and returned to the headquarters building, slamming the door behind him.

While not the most convincing of denials, the Second Irgun had claimed responsibility in the past for other atrocities such as a bombing in Baghdad. It was unusual for them to deny they carried out an attack and so it carried some weight.

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