Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
Conan of Venarium
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Gunderland
Religion: Mitraist polytheism
Date of Birth: Hyborian Age
Occupation: Farmer, Soldier
Spouse: Evlea
Children: Tarnus, unnamed daughter

Melcer was a Gunderman farmer who settled in land which the Aquilonian Empire had recently conquered from Cimmeria. A native boy named Conan formed a cordial, neighborly relationship with Melcer, but, when asked, insisted that the two were enemies. Nevertheless, when the Cimmerian uprising came to Melcer's farm, Conan spared Melcer's life on the condition that the farmer leave Cimmeria and never return. On his way back to territory the Empire still controlled, Melcer avoided the towns, where he would be pressed into military service and sent back to Cimmeria in spite of his promise to Conan. Eventually, he was caught by impressers, but far south enough that he was assigned to the defense of Gunderland, and was not sent back to Cimmeria. As it happened, Conan was in a Cimmerian raiding party which came to loot Gunderland, and ran up against Melcer's. The two met again on the battlefield, and again honored their agreement not to fight each other, instead seeking out other foes. Melcer never saw Conan again, but always remembered him.