The McGregor family of Rosenfeld, Manitoba became notorious to the US occupation authorities - and correspondingly illustrious to Canadian Nationalists - for producing two prolific anti-U.S. terrorists/guerrillas who operated during and after the Great War: patriarch Arthur McGregor and his daughter Mary McGregor Pomeroy. Also other members of the family were involved in one way or the other in opposing US rule - Arthur McGregor's son, Alexander McGregor executed during the Great War, and Pomeroy's husband Mort, who led the Rosenfeld rising during the Second Great War. Mary & Mort's son Alec Pomeroy, still a child during the Second Great War, expressed his hatred of the occupying soldiers, but was not yet old enough to do something concrete about it.

It can be said that one of the major contributing factors that led to such hatred towards the US was caused due to the execution of Alexander McGregor, for alleged terrorist plotting, whom the McGregors thought was innocent. After his death, the vengeful Arthur Pomeroy committed a string of bombings. He died at the hands of General General Armstrong Custer when the latter tossed back a bomb thrown at him by McGregor.

At Arthur's death, his activities were continued by his daughter Mary. She was caught and executed by firing squad as a result. In revenge, her husband Mort Pomeroy led an uprising in Rosenfeld. The family's hatred was transmitted to their child Alex as well.

The Members of The Family[]

  • Alexander McGregor-deceased son of Arthur and Maude, brother of Mary
  • Arthur McGregor-deceased husband of Maude, father of Mary, Julia, and Alexander
  • Julia McGregor-daughter of Arthur and Maude, sister of Mary and Alexander, wife of Ted Culligan
  • Mary McGregor Pomeroy-deceased daughter of Arthur and Maude, wife of Mort Pomeroy, sister of Alexander and Julia, mother of Alec
  • Maude McGregor-widow of Arthur, mother of Mary, Julia, and Alexander, grandmother of Alec
  • Alec Pomeroy-orphan of Mary and Mort, grandson of Maude
  • Mort Pomeroy-deceased widower of Mary, father of Alec
  • Kenneth Marble came from a farming family in Rosenfeld, Manitoba.[1] Despite the questionable pedigree of Julia McGregor, he married her in the early 1920s.[2]


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