Mavrikios Gavras
Fictional Character
Videssos Cycle
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): The Misplaced Legion
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Videssos
Religion: Phos worship
Cause of Death: Killed in action
Occupation: General, Monarch
Spouse: Unnamed deceased wife
Children: Alypia Gavra, others deceased
Relatives: Thorisin Gavras (brother)
Political Office(s): Avtokrator of Videssos

Mavrikios Gavras was an Avtokrator of the Empire of Videssos; he reigned some 1200 years after the empire was formed. It was during his reign that the Ronam tribe appeared in the Empire. Gavras was a usurper, overthrowing the ineffectual Strobilos Sphrantzes. His brother, Thorisin Gavras, was Sevastokrator. His daughter by a wife long-dead was Alypia Gavra, the imperial princess.

He was generally a capable and effective ruler. Occasionally he could be cruel, and wasn't immune from making bad decisions, but his qualities and the Empire's situation led Marcus Scaurus to believe that he was the most effective available leader for the state.

The emperor was killed in a large battle against the Yezd in the western region of the empire. Ortaias Sphrantzes, a member of the rival political family, the Sphrantzes, subsequently seized the throne in the capital.

His head was tossed into the Roman encampment by Avshar, possibly implying that Avshar himself killed Gavras in single combat during the Battle of Maragha. Scaurus kept the head to guard against the possibility of an imposter, but buried it when he learned that Mavrikios' brother Thorisin had survived.

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Strobilos Sphrantzes
Avtokrator of Videssos Succeeded by
Ortaias Sphrantzes