Mateo Ahumada
Historical Figure
Nationality: Mexico
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: 19th century
Cause of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: Mexican Army
(Fredonian Rebellion)
Fictional Appearances:
"Hail! Hail!"
POD: December 15, 1826
Type of Appearance: Direct

Mateo Ahumada (?-?) was a soldier in the Mexican Army during the 1820s. In 1826 and 1827, he was the military commander for Texas. He was tasked with putting down Haden Edwards' Fredonian Rebellion in Nacogdoches in December 1826. He was aided by Stephen F. Austin, who did not have much faith in the success of Fredonia. When the combined forces reached Nacogdoches on 31 January 1827, Edwards and his key supporters had fled in advance.

Little else about Ahumada seems to be available in English.

Mateo Ahumada in "Hail! Hail!"[]

Initially, Lt. Colonel Mateo Ahumada had aid from Stephen F. Austin in the drive against Haden Edwards and Fredonia.[1] However, thanks to the efforts of Freedonian Adolphus Sterne and his friends the Marx brothers, who hailed from the year 1934, Austin decided that supporting Fredonia was the best course of action. That night, Austin ordered his men to sneak-attack the Mexicans. Ahumada was captured and brought to Austin. The two briefly had words, with Ahumada plainly disappointed in Austin's treachery and his decision to support Haden Edwards. However, Ahumada gave his parole to Austin, as did the remaining Mexican soldiers, and Austin sent them home the next day.[2]


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