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The Massachusetts State House, also known as the Massachusetts Statehouse or the New State House, is the state capitol and house of government of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, located in the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston. The building houses the Massachusetts General Court (state legislature), the offices of the Governor of Massachusetts, and the Sacred Cod.

Massachusetts State House in "Bedfellows"[]

O and W married in a civil ceremony in the State House in Boston. While the press was lined up outside for photo-ops, the actual ceremony was private.[1]

Massachusetts State House in Southern Victory[]

In 1920, President Theodore Roosevelt spoke at the New State House. Governor Calvin Coolidge introduced the President, who announced his intent to run for a third term, and stressed the USA's duty to come to the aid of the Central Powers in any global conflict. Roosevelt dismissed the Presidential custom of "no third term" as being the invention of George Washington, a slave-holding Virginian, and irrelevant to the 20th century.[2]

In January 1933, former Governor (and aborted President-elect) Coolidge was eulogized in a memorial service at the State House. The speakers included President-elect Herbert Hoover, whose name was famously announced incorrectly by the master of ceremonies.[3]


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