Mary Custis Lee
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Historical Figure
Nationality: United States (Confederate States, 1861-1865)
Date of Birth: 1808
Date of Death: 1873
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Episcopalianism
Occupation: Housewife
Parents: George Washington Parke Custis
Mary Lee Fitzhugh
Spouse: Robert E. Lee
Children: See Lee family for full list
Relatives: George Washington (relation by marriage)
Fictional Appearances:
The Guns of the South
POD: January 17, 1864
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Confederate States
Date of Death: 1868
Cause of Death: Gunshot wound
Political Office(s): First Lady of the Confederate States (Briefly 1868)

Mary Anna Randolph Custis Lee (October 1, 1808 - November 5, 1873) was a Virginian aristocrat. She was the step-great-granddaughter of George Washington and the wife of Robert E. Lee. With Lee, she was the mother of six children. She outlived her famous husband by three years.

Mary Anna Custis Lee in The Guns of the South[]

At the time of the Second American Revolution, Mary Anna Custis Lee (1808-1868) was suffering from a debilitating case of severe rheumatoid arthritis. The 19th century's medicine had no cure for the condition, so she was forced to endure crippling joint pain. However, America Will Break, in addition to providing AK-47s, shared certain twenty-first century medical treatments with the Confederate States. After providing Robert E. Lee with nitroglycerin for his heart condition, AWB privately offered him medicines that would allow his wife to move freely again--for the price of Robert's support for the perpetuation of slavery in the Confederate States. Robert E. Lee was tempted as he had never been in an entire life of strict adherence to Christian virtue, but he declined AWB's offer without ever telling Mary of it.

Mary Lee was killed by the Rivington Men when they attempted to assassinate her husband during his inauguration as President of the Confederate States on March 4, 1868.

Political offices
(The Guns of the South)
Preceded by
Varina Davis
First Lady of the Confederate States
March 4, 1868 (for a few minutes)
Succeeded by
Mary Custis Lee