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Marseille (also spelled Marseilles) is an ancient city in southern France on the Mediterranean Sea. It originated as the Ancient Greek city of Massilia, and was an important city of the Roman Empire.

Marseille in Atlantis[]

Marseille gave its name to New Marseille, a major city of Atlantis, originally founded by French colonists.

Marseille in Give Me Back My Legions![]

Varus spent a few days in Massilia on his way to his new gubernatorial domains in Germany.[1]

Marseille in In High Places[]

Marseille was a particularly rich and cultured city in the Kingdom of Berry, in an alternate where the Great Black Deaths killed 80% of the 14th-century Europeans. It was a bigger and richer city than Paris, the prime city of the nearby Kingdom of Versailles, and rich Parisians sometimes tried to copy the latest Marseille fashions and customs, for example eating with a fork.

Crosstime Traffic had established a portal in Marseille. For her part, Annette Klein very much enjoyed this alternate's Marseille far more than its Paris. Annette's father Jacob Klein called himself in "Muhammad al-Marsawi" (Muhammad of Marseille) while in Paris.

It was on the road from Paris to Marseille that Annette and Jacques were taken by slave-traders.

Marseille in Worldwar[]

During the two decades France was a part of the Greater German Reich, Marseille drew many foreign visitors and was a major ginger smuggling center due to its proximity to Race-held Spain. During the Race-German War of 1965, the Race destroyed the city with an explosive-metal bomb due to the heavy German presence in the city. After Germany's defeat, the newly constituted French Fourth Republic began rebuilding the city, and the ginger trade continued with a vengeance.

A popular American movie was made around 1965, about ginger smugglers in Marseilles before the Race-German War.