Maria Peterfalvy
Fictional Character
POD: Set in the future
Appearance(s): Eruption
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
Nationality: United States (born in Hungary)
Date of Birth: 20th century
Date of Death: 21st century
Cause of Death: Strangulation
Spouse: Unnamed deceased husband
Children: All unnamed

Maria Peterfalvy was an elderly widow living alone in her tract house in the Los Angeles suburb of San Atanasio when she was raped and strangled by the South Bay Strangler.[1]

Peterfalvy had got out of Hungary in 1956, one jump ahead of Soviet tanks. She had settled in San Atanasio with her husband and raised a family. She remained in the house for forty years, even after her children had left and her husband had died before being killed by the Strangler at the age of 79.[2]

While at an impromptu news conference, a TV reporter mispronounced her name as "Mrs. Peterfalk".[3]


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