Maria Conti
Fictional Character
Through Darkest Europe
1st POD: c. 1100 CE
2nd POD c. 1265 CE
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Grand Duchy of Italy
Religion: Catholicism
Date of Birth: Late 20th century
Date of Death: 2018
Cause of Death: Suicide by bomb
Occupation: Servant, Terrorist
Political Party: Aquinists

Maria Conti was a devotee of the Aquinists. In AD 2018, with the help of fellow Aquinists Fabio Lancelotti, Father Martino of Padua, and Cardinal Svetozar Boroevic, who had infiltrated the higher levels of the Italian government, Conti secured a job as a servant in the palace of Cosimo III, Grand Duke of Italy. At an important reception, Conti walked near the Grand Duke and set off a bomb concealed on her person, killing herself, Cosimo, Luisa the cigar-girl, and others. Conti's severed head was found after the blast, still exhibiting her dying expression, which witness Khalid al-Zarzisi described as "exalted."