Marcos de Niza
Historical Figure
Nationality: Spain (born in Duchy of Savoy)
Date of Birth: c. 1495
Date of Death: 1558
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Catholicism
Occupation: Clergyman, Explorer
Fictional Appearances:
Shared Universe Story
Set in OTL (?)
Type of Appearance: Direct

Marcos de Niza (c. 1495- 25 March 1558) was a Franciscan friar from the Italian Duchy of Savoy. In 1539, Fray Marcos was part of Spanish conquistador Francisco Vásquez de Coronado's expedition into the areas north of New Spain in search of the legendary Seven Cities of Gold. He was part of an advance group that included Moorish slave Estevánico. Fray Marcos saw the Zuni village of Hawikuh from a distance, and returned to New Spain with exaggerated claims of its wealth. The following year, Coronado and his men arrived at Hawikuh and discovered the truth. Coronado spared Marcos' life, but sent him back to New Spain in disgrace.

Marcos de Niza in "Eyewear"[]

Fray Marcos de Niza accompanied Estevánico as part of a scouting expedition 1539. Estevánico quickly came to hate Marcos because he talked constantly. Estevánico considered murdering Marcos, but his eyewear indicated that Estevánico could not get away with it.

For a time, Estevánico was able to ride ahead of Marcos, much to his relief.