Marching Through Peachtree  
Cover artist David Mattingly
Language English
Series The War Between the Provinces
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Baen
Publication date November 1, 2001
Preceded by Sentry Peak
Followed by Advance and Retreat

Marching Through Peachtree (Baen, 2001) is the second novel in The War Between the Provinces fantasy series.

It describes the southern invasion of Peachtree Province by the commands of General Hesmucet and Marshal Bart. It also describes the infighting inside the northern host (in the east). The power struggle between Joseph the Gamecock and Lieutenant General Bell leads to loss of the Franklin Province. No doubt this was aided by the fact that Bell (who wins the command of the northern host) kept throwing valuable men in pointless attacks.

It was during this novel that General Hesmucet came up with the idea of invading the north westward.