Manuel Azaña
Historical Figure
Nationality: Spain
Date of Birth: 1880
Date of Death: 1940
Cause of Death: Heart attack
Religion: Agnostic, raised in
Occupation: Author of Non-Fiction,, Playwright, Politician
Political Party: Republic Left party
Political Office(s): Prime Minister of Spain
President of Spain
Fictional Appearances:
The War That Came Early
POD: July 20, 1936;
Relevant POD: September 29, 1938
Appearance(s): Last Orders
Type of Appearance: Direct
Manuel Azaña Díaz (January 10, 1880–November 3, 1940) was a prominent Spanish leftist politician before and during the period of the Second Republic. He was the first Prime Minister of the Second Republic, serving 1931 to 1933, and again in 1936. He was also the second and last President of the Republic (1936–1939). The Spanish Civil War broke out during his presidency. With the defeat of the Republic in 1939, he fled to France and resigned his office, an act that has marred his subsequent reputation. He suffered a heart attack in France early in 1940, and was still recovering when Germans invaded. He died in November 1940 after being moved to Mountauban.

Manuel Azaña in The War That Came EarlyEdit

Manuel Azaña served of President of the Second Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil which began in 1936, and which was subsequently folded into the Second World War which began in October 1938. He was in power in 1943 when Czechoslovak sniper Vaclav Jezek finally killed Marshal José Sanjurjo, the leader of the Nationalists.[1] Azaña had Jezek brought to Barcelona where he publicly thanked Jezek for not "despairing of the Republic". He also made Jezek a Spanish citizen, captain in the Army of the Republic, and paid Jezek the bounty that had been placed on Sanjurjo's head.[2]


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