Manitoba is a Canadian prairie province with an area of 649,950 sq km (250,900 sq mi). It is bordered to the east by the province of Ontario, to the west by Saskatchewan, the territories of Nunavut and Northwest Territories to the north, the American states of North Dakota and Minnesota to the south, and the saltwater coastline on Hudson Bay in the northeast. Agriculture, found especially in the fertile southern and western parts of the province, dominates the province's economy; other major industries include transportation, manufacturing, mining, forestry, energy, and tourism. Its capital and largest city is Winnipeg.

Manitoba became a province of Canada in 1870, shortly after the founding of Canada. At the time, Manitoba was to become a bilingual province, due to the large number of Metis of French origins in the original Red River Settlement zone. However the English-speaking elites rejected that, and made Manitoba an English province. Two civil wars occurred in Manitoba to secure the rights of the Metis, politically supported by Quebec.

Manitoba in Southern Victory[]

Most of Manitoba was overrun by the United States Army in the Great War. The capital of the province, Winnipeg, was the objective for major US offensives which were bogged down in the face of fierce resistance from Anglo-Canadian defenders. Winnipeg's capture in 1917 finally knocked Canada out of the war. The U.S. occupied Canada after the war.

Manitoba remained a center of Canadian resistance against US occupation. The town of Rosenfeld was the site for major resistance even before the Second Great War.

The Qubecois forces were assigned to occupy Manitoba in 1942 so as to free up U.S. troops for the Second Great War. However, they were soon overwhelmed by the Manitoban resistance, and driven out by the rebels. In 1943 the US army began the long and grueling task of subduing the province once again. 

Manitoba in The Two Georges[]

In the 19th century, British colonists continued expanding westward from Canada and north from Mississippi and Hanover. This settlement led to the formation of the North American Union province of Ontario.

Literary Comment[]

In OTL this province was named "Manitoba" with "Ontario" being the neighbouring province to its east. The OTL Ontario is called "Canada" in the Georges' timeline.[1]


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