These characters are related by blood or marriage to Maniakes, Avtokrator of Videssos.


Athalaric was a Haloga trader of furs and amber in Videssian service on Kalavria. He died of a flux of the bowels. His widow Rotrude stayed in the island's capital Kastavala, and became the concubine of Maniakes, the son of the island governor. She and her benefactor named their son Athalarikos, the Videssian form of her late husband's name.


Athalarikos was the son of Maniakes and his Haloga concubine Rotrude on the island of Kalavria. His name was the Videssian form of Athalaric, his mother's late husband. When Maniakes departed for Videssos the city, he had to leave behind Rotrude and the three-year-old Athalarikos. On becoming Avtokrator, Maniakes had to repudiate both in order to marry the heiress Niphone. He never sent to bring Athalarikos to the city, so as not to arouse uncomfortable questions about the possibility of making him his heir.


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Maniakes the ElderEdit

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Rotrude was a Haloga woman whose husband Athalaric had died of a flux of the bowels. She lived with the Videssian military commander Maniakes in Kastalava, Kalavria, for four years, and they had a son named Athalarikos, the Videssian form of her late husband's name. When their son was three, Maniakes left for his great expedition which resulted in his becoming Avtokrator of Videssos. He had to repudiate Rotrude and her son, and they stayed in Kastavala.


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