Republic of Malta
Flag of Malta
Continent: Europe
Capital: Valletta
National Language: Maltese and English
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Status in OTL: Active

Flag of British Malta, used until its independence in 1964.

The Republic of Malta is a small and densely populated European microstate in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily, comprising an archipelago of seven islands. Its central location has made it a desirable outpost, and in the past it has been a possession of, among others, the Roman, French, and British Empires.

Malta in "The Maltese Elephant"Edit

A little-known species of elephant was native to Malta. One live specimen was shipped to the waterfront of San Francisco, California, USA, and was the target of a violent competition between various criminals who desired possession of it.

Malta in "News From the Front"Edit

In early April 1942, anti-war protestors in London called for British withdrawal from Malta, among other demands.[1]

Malta in Through Darkest EuropeEdit

Malta was a possession of the Maghrib. Hardline nationalists within the Grand Duchy of Italy wanted it to become a part of their homeland, but these factions never got enough push to affect policy.

Malta in The Two GeorgesEdit

Malta was part of the British Empire. In the late 20th Century, one of the titles of King-Emperor Charles III was Lord of Malta.[2]

Malta in WorldwarEdit

Malta, part of the British Empire, was besieged by the Italians and Germans from 1940-1942 during World War II. The Race's 1942 invasion of Earth disrupted all of this.[3] After the dust settled and the Peace of Cairo was signed in 1944, the Germans retained Malta as part of the Reich.[4]


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