Republic of Malta
Flag of Malta.svg
Continent: Europe
Capital: Valletta
National Language: Maltese and English
Government: Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Status in OTL: Active

Flag of British Malta, used until its independence in 1964.

The Republic of Malta is a small and densely populated European microstate in the Mediterranean Sea just south of Sicily, comprising an archipelago of seven islands. Its central location has made it a desirable outpost, and in the past it has been a possession of, among others, the Roman, French, and British Empires.

Malta in "The Maltese Elephant"[]

A little-known species of elephant was native to Malta. One live specimen was shipped to the waterfront of San Francisco, California, USA, and was the target of a violent competition between various criminals who desired possession of it.

Malta in "News From the Front"[]

In early April 1942, anti-war protestors in London called for British withdrawal from Malta, among other demands.[1]

Malta in Through Darkest Europe[]

Malta was a possession of the Republican Sultanate of the Maghrib.[2] Hardline nationalists (not just Aquinists) within the Grand Duchy of Italy saw Sicily as an unredeemed part of their homeland, but these factions never got enough push to affect policy.[3]

Malta in The Two Georges[]

Malta was part of the British Empire. In the late 20th Century, one of the titles of King-Emperor Charles III was Lord of Malta.[4]

Malta in Worldwar[]

Malta, part of the British Empire, was besieged by the Italians and Germans from 1940-1942 during World War II. The Race's 1942 invasion of Earth disrupted all of this.[5] After the dust settled and the Peace of Cairo was signed in 1944, the Germans retained Malta as part of the Reich.[6]


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