Maita Kapak
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"The Pugnacious Peacemaker"
First POD: AD 664
Second POD: AD 732
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Tawantiinsuuju
Religion: Inca pantheon
Date of Birth: c. 1895
Occupation: Monarch
Parents: Waskar
Spouse: Multiple
Relatives: Manco Capac (ancestor),
Tjiimpuu (cousin)
Political Office(s): Son of the Sun

Maita Kapak succeeded his father Waskar as Son of the Sun, or Emperor of Tawantiinsuuju, sometime after 1913. In 1941, another round of wars with the Emirate of the dar al-Harb threatened to flare up, with no benefits to either side. The nations turned to the International Court for the Continent of Skrelleland, represented by Judge Ib Scoglund.

Royal offices
(Fictional Work)
Preceded by
Son of the Sun, i.e.,
Emperor of Tawantiinsuuju
("The Pugnacious Peacemaker")

Took the throne after 1913
Succeeded by
Incumbent at story's end, 1941