The Maghreb, Maghrib, Berber world, Barbary, or Berbery (Arabic: المغرب‎ al-Maɣréb; Berber languages: Tamazɣa or Tamazgha, ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵗⴰ) is a major region of North Africa that consists primarily of the countries Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania. It additionally includes the disputed territories of Western Sahara (mostly controlled by Morocco) and the cities of Melilla and Ceuta (both controlled by Spain and claimed by Morocco). As of 2017, the region has a population of over 100 million people.

Maghrib in In High PlacesEdit

The Maghrib lay between Spain and the homeland of Musa ibn Ibrahim.[1]

Maghrib in Through Darkest EuropeEdit

The Republican Sultanate of the Maghrib was one of the more enlightened and progressive nations in the world. A constitutional monarchy, the Maghrib had a Sultan as its head of state and a Wazir as its head of government.


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