Lucius Caesar
Historical Figure
Nationality: Roman Empire
Date of Birth: 17 BCE
Date of Death: 2 CE
Cause of Death: Undiagnosed infection
Religion: Roman pantheon
Occupation: Soldier
Parents: Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa,
Julia the Elder,
Augustus (grandfather; adoptive father)
Relatives: Caligula (nephew)
House: Julio-Claudian
Fictional Appearances:
Gunpowder Empire
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
Nationality: Roman Empire
Date of Death: Well after AD 26
Cause of Death: Unrevealed
Occupation: Emperor of Rome

Lucius Julius Caesar (17 BC - 20 August AD 2), most commonly known as Lucius Caesar, was a son of Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa and Julia the Elder. He was adopted, raised, and educated by his maternal grandfather, Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus.

Lucius died in Gaul of an illness in AD 2.

Lucius Caesar in Gunpowder Empire[]

In an alternate known as Agrippan Rome, Lucius became the third Roman Emperor upon the death of his father Emperor Agrippa in AD 26. A copy of Lucius' official statue in Rome stood in the courtyard of the Crosstime Traffic station in Polisso.[1]

Literary comment[]

In OTL, Lucius had an older brother, Gaius, born in 20 BC, who outlived him just barely, dying in AD 4. There is no mention of Gaius in the novel, although it can be inferred that he died before AD 26.

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Royal offices
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Preceded by
Emperor of Rome
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