Fictional Character
"Getting Real"
Set in the Future
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: People's Republic of China
Date of Birth: 21st century
Occupation: Soldier
Affiliations: People's Liberation Army

Lieutenant Liu commanded Sgt. Chang Guoliang's platoon during the Sino-American War of 2117. He took part in the punitive raid on Los Angeles. When they ran into some effective resistance by U.S. Army holdouts who had a flamethrower, Liu contacted his superiors and the house the Americans occupied was destroyed by "lightning".

When one of the survivors, who had the tanks of a flamethrower still on his back, attempted to surrender, Liu's platoon gunned him down like a mad dog. While it was against regulations, Liu didn't say a word about it. Some rules were older, like fighting with the wrong weapon. You took your chances if you had to surrender and sometimes you lost.