Lodz Collage (by EL-042)-1-

Łódź is a city in central Poland, with a population of 753,192 in 2007. It is Poland's third-largest city. The city is located in the heart of the country, and its economy was based first on agriculture, then on textiles with the arrival of the Industrial Revolution. 

Lodz in Worldwar[]

Lodz, Poland was one of the first Earth cities occupied by the Race in 1942. SS commando Otto Skorzeny attempted to set off an atomic bomb in the city during the Peace of Cairo talks in 1944. Mordechai Anielewicz had arrived in Lodz after his escape from the Warsaw ghetto. He, Bertha Fleishman, Heinrich Jäger and Ludmila Gorbunova stopped Skorzeny.

As Poland remained a Race territory after 1944, Poles, Jews, and Lizards intermingled on a regular basis in the city. Nesseref, a female pilot of the Race, settled in the city after arriving with the Colonization Fleet.

Lodz was destroyed by a German nuclear missile during the Race-German War of 1965.