Liz Mendoza
Fictional Character
The Valley-Westside War
POD: Unknown
First stated POD: 1961
Relevant POD: Summer, 1967
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: United States (home timeline)
Date of Birth: c. 2080
Occupation: Student, historian
Parents: Jeff and Sarah

Liz Mendoza (b. c. 2080) was an American high school student from the home timeline. She and her father and mother visited an alternate that saw a nuclear war in 1967, in order to research what had caused the war.

Unfortunately, she and her family were caught in a war between two kingdoms, and their connection to the home timeline was lost. While stuck in this timeline, she was the object of the unrequited affection of Dan, an archer in King Zev's army. She needed to stop any suspicions of what she really was.