Liu Mei
Fictional Character
POD: May 30, 1942
Appearance(s): Tilting the Balance
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Human
Nationality: China
Date of Birth: 1943
Religion: None (atheist)
Occupation: Guerrilla
Parents: Bobby Fiore,
Liu Han
Military Branch: People's Liberation Army
Political Party: Chinese Communist Party

Liu Mei (b. 1943) was the daughter[1] of Liu Han and American baseball player Bobby Fiore. She was born as the result of the Race's investigation into human sexuality. Her father was killed by the Race shortly before she was born.

After her birth, she was taken from Liu Han by Senior Researcher Ttomalss, but after a year in his care and teachings, Liu Han's forceful demands saw Liu Mei returned to her.

Liu Mei followed her mother, becoming an ardent member of the Chinese Communist Party and People's Liberation Army as she grew up. In 1964, Liu Han and Liu Mei traveled to the United States to draw attention to the situation in China. One of the dignitaries the pair met was Sam Yeager, a former baseball player and America's expert on the Race. By a happy coincidence, Yeager had been a teammate of Bobby Fiore's just before the Race invaded. He gave a picture of Fiore to the two. It was the first picture Liu Mei had seen of her father. Liu Mei was also sexually attracted to Sam Yeager's son, Jonathan Yeager. While he shared these feelings, they did not act on them, as he was involved with Karen Culpepper at the time.

Liu Mei and her mother returned to China, and continued to be a thorn in the Race's side.

Because a crucial period of her development was spent in the custody of the Race, who did not have mobile faces, Liu Mei never developed human facial expressions, particularly those associated with strong emotions (like smiling). Liu Mei's eyes were the most expressive part of her face. Her mother was adept at reading Liu Mei's moods by watching her eyes.